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The history of Hotel Krebs


Guesthouse Krebs

In 1875, the Guesthouse Krebs was built on Bahnhofstrasse in Interlaken. The Krebs family built and owned the guesthouse. As well as a guesthouse, the property also had a large barn and stables. The Bahnhofstrasse was still unpaved and there were meadows all around. Later, businesses of all kinds set up shop on the street.
Guests from all over the world came to Interlaken and the town developed into a well-known and sought-after spa and seaside resort. After bathing or treatments, people would meet in the Kursaal garden or at the pavilion on Höheweg before going to see a concert or socialise. A room without running water cost CHF 2.50, while breakfast cost CHF 1.50. Dinner cost between CHF 2.50 and 3.00.

Hotel Krebs

In 1890, the east wing was added to the guesthouse. In 1927, the west wing was added, and all rooms were equipped with sinks and running water. A single, but beautiful and large bathroom had to be enough for the entire hotel.
The Second World War broke out; in the period following, military corps were accommodated in Krebs. The warm and caring atmosphere made the officers feel like they were at home.
From 1947 onwards, the hotel again began welcoming guests from all over the world and building continued: A lift, a bar, electric lighting in all rooms and a restaurant were added. The hotel was managed by the Krebs family, and later the Koschak-Krebs family, over a period of 130 years that spanned four generations.

Typically Swiss

Since 2005, the hotel has been owned by Typically Swiss Hotels. On 1 June 2008, following comprehensive renovations, Hotel Krebs in Interlaken reopened as a four-star boutique hotel.

Weisses Kreuz - Hotel Krebs AG in Interlaken

Hotel Weisses Kreuz

We can also warmly recommend to you our three-star sister hotel Hotel Weisses Kreuz, which is located just a few metres away from Hotel Krebs!