A traditional hotel with new sparkle

Featuring the latest facilities and comfortable beds, the stylishly furnished rooms always provide our guests with space to rest and relax. Whether you want to simply soak up the atmosphere on the streets outside the hotel, drink coffee on the terrace or really get involved in Interlaken’s exciting scene, the Hotel Krebs is the perfect base from which to explore all the town has to offer.

The Hotel Krebs – Over 130 years of hospitality
The Pension Krebs was built on Interlaken’s Bahnhofstrasse in 1875, when it was founded and owned by the Krebs family. As well as the guest house, there was also a large barn and stables. The Bahnhofstrasse had not yet been tarred at that time and was surrounded by fields, although over time all kinds of small shops came to line the streets around the hotel.

People came to Interlaken from all over the world, with the destination becoming a well-known and popular health resort and spa town. After bathing or taking the waters, people would meet in the Kursaalgarten gardens or at the pavilion on Höheweg for a concert or simply to discuss the issues of the day. A room without running water cost SFr. 2.50, breakfast was SFr. 1.50 and dinner would set you back SFr. 2.50 to 3.00.

In 1890, an eastern wing was added to the guest house, with a western wing being built in 1927; this was also the year in which all rooms were provided with washbasins and running water. The hotel had just one bathroom, although it was a large and particularly beautiful room.

With the outbreak of the Second World War, an army corps was billeted in the Krebs. The warm atmosphere and the care and attention given to the officers helped to make them feel “at home” even in unfamiliar surroundings.

From 1947 onwards, guests from all over the world began to return to the hotel and more building work was undertaken, with the addition of a lift, a bar, electric lighting in all halls and a restaurant. For 130 years, four generations of the Krebs, and later the Koschak-Krebs family managed the hotel.

And this tradition of being a family-run hotel is continuing: Since 2005, the hotel has been owned by the Kwon-Kim family. Following a complete renovation, the Hotel Krebs Interlaken reopened on June 1st 2008 as a 4-star boutique hotel.

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